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Minnesota is made great by people dedicated to coming together, solving problems, and moving forward. No matter the challenge, Minnesotans know that trusted relationships are vital to making great things happen.

The face of the Midwest is changing, and leaders are emerging from diverse communities. New voices and energy are now part of the decision-making process. Relationships are more important than ever as people build power to move their communities forward.

From public affairs to government relations to advocacy work, BLUE OX STRATEGIES has the relationships, experience, and leadership necessary to make great things happen for all communities. We take pride in organizing, communicating, and advocating strategically. We will work with you to implement a plan to win elections, support your issues, and create awareness for your cause.

Our team has decades of experience in public affairs, issues management, and political campaigns. We know your issues and audience and can help you develop a winning strategy.
We’ve worked with fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, member-driven groups, labor unions, business associations, and local, statewide, and national campaigns. In working with BLUE OX STRATEGIES, you will have a partner in progress.

Meet Corey Day

Day has worked coast-to-coast helping candidates, organizations, corporations, and advocacy groups at the local, state, and federal levels. Corey has decades of experience managing political, advocacy, and public affairs campaigns. In addition to directing various state and field operations for the presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, Corey served as the longtime executive director of the Minnesota Democratic-Famer-Labor (DFL) Party and senior advisor to President Joe Bidens Minnesota campaign. Through his many years of managing campaigns, Corey possesses a unique understanding and perspective on building coalitions and leveraging grassroots organizing to help candidates and organizations achieve their goals. Corey also serves as a Senior Consultant for New Partners, where he utilizes innovative field and media campaigns to help clients build affinity with consumers, voters, activists, and donors.

Latest News

Conversation with Al McFarlane

Conversation with Al McFarlane

Al McFarlane will be joined by Corey Day Principal, of Blue Ox Strategies and Insight News Sports Editor, Leahjean "CoachLeah" Denley. They will discuss the key bills being passed in Minnesota that Black people should be aware of and, the importance of community...

Biden wins Minnesota Democratic primary

Biden wins Minnesota Democratic primary

Before Tuesday, the question for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders was whether he could transfer the strength he showed four years ago in Minnesota’s caucuses to the state’s new primary format. Could the candidate with the best grassroots operation...

Our Services


Multicultural Outreach

From bringing new voices into the political process that led to historical electoral gains in 2018, we’ve had the conversations that invite people into the process. We value relationships and the progressive gains that are made when all voices are heard.

Issue Management

Getting results is about knowing how to effectively reach your audience. Our focused strategies will tell your story to build and solidify supporter infrastructure.


Grasstop Advocacy

We know how to best build relationships with key opinion leaders, community activists, and supporters to deliver your message in a way that produces results.

Field Management

Field programs win campaigns. We have extensive experience in best investing in boots-on-the-ground, paid phones, targeted mail, text messaging, and digital engagement to identify supporters, make personal connections, and turn them out when it matters most.

Coalition Building

Coalitions are not built overnight, but through years of building relationships. Through our relationships, we bring key stakeholders to the table to engage your most sought-after constituencies. We will build coalitions in a concerted effort on your behalf.

Guerrilla Campaigns

With the growth of social media and people getting information from a variety of sources, we know that sometimes embracing the unconventional, outside-the-box tactics is key when promoting issues, brands, or messages. Savvy campaigns can raise brand awareness with large audiences without a large investment in money.

Digital Outreach

If done correctly, social media platforms are a cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences. We know how to stay within a message frame and produce digital media that catches the attention of your target audiences, key advocates, and the media.


Public Affairs & Media Outreach

Crafting a powerful message that members of the media and targeted audiences will connect with is vital. We have the relationships and know-how to get your message delivered through traditional and social media.

What Blue Ox Offers You

BLUE OX STRATEGIES understands that no two campaigns or issues are the same. We have a track record of proven success in campaigns, advocacy, public affairs, and outreach to diverse communities. We will use this experience to partner with you for success.

The team at BLUE OX STRATEGIES strives to keep a fresh perspective in all walks of life. We stay current with local trends, pop culture, and what’s happening. With this awareness, we ensure we can facilitate meaningful conversations for our clients and their brands regardless of the issue.

With our relationships and experience, you can always count on BLUE OX STRATEGIES to ensure your story is heard and that great things happen.

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